How to Get Started Lua Script in WECON PIStudio
  • Lua is a powerful, efficient, lightweight, embeddable scripting language.
  • 1.Why we need to Levi2PI
  • 2.Differences between Levi and PI
  • 3.Introduction of Levi2PI Tool
The Calibration Debug of Wecon HMI
  • If your calibration shows up green tips means successful
How to use VNC Tool for WECON HMI
  • Let you remote access the HMI in LAN network
Introduction of Simple FAQ in WECON Support Center
  • Part of FAQ introduction
WECON PI HMI Remote Download by WVPN Tool
  • WECON PI HMI Remote Download by WVPN Tool
How to Use Data Viewing Tool for PI HMI
  • Viewing the data exported from HMI
Basic Object Meter
  • The simple introduction of Meter object


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