Updating for November

Wecon servo configurator 1.1.2(2021-11-4)


Updating for October

New function: muti-position.Mixed control mode(only new firmware can support new function.Parameter U2-4:firmware version>=1.10 )

Mixed control mode means that when the servo enable is ON and the status of the servo drive is

"run", the mode of the servo drive can be switched between different modes. The VD2 series servo

drives have the following 3 mixed control modes:

Position mode <> Speed mode

Position mode <> Torque mode

Speed mode<> Torque mode

Updating for Septemper

1.New function (muti-position) had finished.If interested,please contact with our sales.Note:the firmware must >= V1.10 and this function is in SA seriese servo and VD2F series servo.

VD2F servo also can support muti-position function.This servo plan to release in the end of 2021

2.New SA series servo is as below,it supports  absolute positioning encoder.



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