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1 PIStudio


Bugs fixed

PC Software

  1. In Omron free tag protocol, software crash during project compilation after tag import;
  2. In Omron free tag protocol, the project cannot be driven in package when compiling;
  3. 3102ig Camera Display object cannot be compiled;
  4. Error in the length limit of the folder edit box for the image display function of the bitmap object graphical interface;
  5. Error in the description of the expiration time for CreateInstallmentPwd tool: Modify from expiration time to next expiration time;
  6. Crash when the conversion tool converts the History XY Plot;
  7. It prompts wrong address when the conversion tool converts the Bit Alarm Record;
  8. The width-height ratio is wrong when the DiscRecord Chart object switches different resolutions;
  9. Error in compiling address of OMRON NX Ethernet/IP Protocol;
  10. Software crash and abnormal interface update when search address in address list;
  11. PI toolkit probably fails to connect for the first time;
  12. The data record is incomplete, and the table column width cannot be adjusted when using DataLogTool;
  13. Abnormal use of some tag addresses;
  14. Modified: Inconsistent color between meter value and scale;
  15. Error in tag array correspondence of tag protocol;
  16. Abnormal display when configuring the underlying screen;
  17. Abnormal compilation of 8070ig for using Camera Control object;
  18. Some pictures are lost after compilation;
  19. Abnormal display of bitmap of Switch object;
  20. Shortcut key configuration will also be deleted after deleting any main screen;
  21. HMI graphics status color cannot be changed;
  22. Modified: After the text is successfully set in Text Library, the language content is not grayed out when entering the settings again;
  23. Use “Save as” once, it can open the screen file normally. But use “Save as” again to rename it with the same name, and then the folder will be empty.

  24. There is no limit to the size of Custom object;

  25. Sub-screen jumps to the next/previous screen (Without common screen), and right-click to switch to the target screen which is not grayed out;

  26. HMI crash caused by abnormal data modification of objects;

  27. “More" without Spanish translation in TLS/SSL in MQTT;

  28. Translation of some objects in right-click is different from that of object bar;

  29. After importing HMI project pictures, offline simulation does not display the imported pictures;

  30. After modifying the function switch, it will cause communication failure;

  31. Download prompt garbled in Win7;

  32. The wiring diagram of 8043ig and 3043ig communication is inconsistent with the actual situation;

  33. Neutral project simulation crash and download will be stuck and cannot click;

  34. Draw objects exceeds boundaries after modifying coordinates to a prompted maximum value;

  35. Unable to use lua object directly when not enabling Lua Script;

  36. The error prompt of communication port configuration, namely there is spare %s;

  37. Language selection of data recording channel does not save;

  38. The project file is deleted at compile caused by setting a special path for “Save as”;

  39. The preview of Table object does not follow the modification of the number of rows and columns to change;

  40. Modifying the coordinates and sizes of Arc object through parameters will cause the inconsistency between graphics and actual situation;

  41. Fix other problems;

HMI Application

  1. History Trend Chart cannot display curve in real-time.
  2. HSW521.5=1 failed to delete SD card history data;
  3. After deleting the data record, the record ID does not start from 1;
  4. PI3000ig remote update HMI2.0 System unsuccessfully;
  5. Timeline jump when zooming History Trend Chart in or out;
  6. Negative decimal display of Numerical input/Display object is abnormal;
  7. The dynamic channel display of History Trend Chart is invalid.
  8. Range for ie series registers is too small;

  9. The login window does not pop up for user permissions;

  10. The alarm record is stored in the U disk and the alarm screen does not prompt when the U disk is not inserted;

  11. Crash when closing the Print Object in the sub-screen;

  12. Deviation of printing screenshots in sub-screen;

  13. File List does not display the files without suffix;

  14. After switching languages, the screen displays the original language first and then changes to the current language.;

  15. The picture is stuck when the video is played to the end in full screen;

  16. Importing a recipe with CSV, the first two recipe data for the customized type are lost;

  17. Importing a recipe with CSV, import failed when CSV file is utf-8 format;

  18. Message alerts that the web page and screen display do not match;

  19. Crash when reading customized recipe as ordinary recipe file;

  20. When using FTP function, downloading project will clear the data in U disk and SD card;

  21. Function switch can't jump when setting the minimum pressing time;

  22. The background network of 4G module with AG cannot be used normally;

  23. Word switch cannot be reset after setting the minimum pressing time;

  24. Invalid recipe index address;

  25. Communication will cause crash when the maximum value of Bar Chart object scale is configured with external address;

  26. 485_2 cannot be used when downloading PLC program by remote pass-through;

  27. The trigger is invalid after pressing the function switch;

  28. Fix: Lua script triggers clicks to configure objects that need to be confirmed, and the confirmation screen will flash back;

  29. The Local Time Second register cannot modify the time;

  30. Fixed: The data record file exported by dbtocsvfile function is blank;

  31. File List failed to copy files in batches;

  32. The user operation log cannot be cleared;

  33. Using mqtt in HMI will report errors under specific circumstances;

  34. Use of Flow Component objects causes crashes in certain situations;

  35. The use of Alarm Records, Data Records, History YX Trend Plots, and Operation records has a probability of crash.

  36. The startup speed of i series (HMI V2.0 system) and general series (HMI V2.0 system) becomes slow in 20230925 version.

  37. The data that luasqlite saved will lose the last record when power off;

  38. The modification of object startup level will invalid after power off and restart;

  39. Address mapping enables bit trigger control but it can map once only;

  40. Using lua script to pop up sub-screen in 20230801 version, which cannot monitor and display in LAN;

  41. we_bas_getmachineinfo() function executes error;

  42. After WiFi connects to the mobile phone hotspot, it still shows the connected status when closing the hotspot;

  43. When the login button overlaps with the function switch in user login interface, the jump fails after login;

  44. The user permissions are enabled by the object, and when it needs to be confirmed, the login interface will pop up again after entering the correct password in the login interface;

  45. The two function switch objects are hidden by user permission control and stacked together. When logging in to a certain user, click on the overlapping position of the function switch is invalid;

  46. The last row of lua customized table can't be deleted;

  47. The initialization status of the word status display object is different from that of the configuration;

  48. Trigger the record in the screen without data record or alarm record, switch back to the screen with data record, and trigger the refresh table, it cannot search the previous records;

  49. Data records will lose data when exporting CSV files;

  50. When the object level uses the password of each level independently, it will not be reduced to the startup level after using the high level, so it is necessary to input the password when using the low level;

  51. The keyboard pop-up position of the level password of the text input object is always centered, and the keyboard position during text input is changed after setting;

  52. Traditional Recipe does not enable continuous address, and upload and download fail;

  53. IN1071 will crash when the installment payment screen pops up;

  54. The cursor mode is switched to the selected box mode. When the simulation runs, if the cursor exceeds the simulator, it will be pulled back;

  55. Fix other problems.


  1. ShortMessage_Module message group sending timeout;
  2. When using Modbus_RTU_All Ethernet, the communication is reported error;
  3. OpenCAN drive communication slowly;

  4. WECON LX3VP recipe continuous reading fails;

  5. WECON LX5V M address write instruction length error;

  6. MIT QJ71 MELSEC PROTOCOL communication abnormally;

  7. Mitsubishi FX3U Drive Counter negative value display error;

  8. OpenCAN drive baud rate set error;

  9. Omron CP2E and PI HMI/online stimulation communication timeout;

  10. User-defined Protocol single sending cannot be used;

  11. Incorrect display of 32-bit signed number in MITSUBISHI FX3U/3G/3SA address CH200;

  12. A physical serial port double 485 will time out when communicating at the same time;

  13. User-defined Protocol does not display in online simulation;

  14. Abnormal communication of HMI with azbil protocol;

  15. Siemens Protocol S7300 (with PC Adaptor New) DB address is not available;

  16. Modbus_TCP_Master does not reply when sending read instruction;

  17. USB printer protocol uses print object; the printing will print black edges;

  18. SMS protocol cannot receive and send, Add ClrMsg register to delete all information;

  19. MODBUS RTU Slave (All Function) broadcasting station number communication problem. Add BrtCat station number set registers.

  20. Siemens 200SMART communication abnormally;

  21. Xinjie XDH communication abnormally;

  22. Drive customized protocol cache cannot be cleared;

  23. Errors in DWORD read/write in INOVANCE H5U_Easy PLC Ethernet Protocol;

  24. Parameters such as PI timeout reconnection are not valid;

  25. The matching mode of user-defined protocol receiving first and then sending;

  26. Fix other problems;

New functions

PC Software

  1. Data record db file merge function of DataLogTool (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  2. Text color dynamic configuration of numerical value and text input object (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  3. 8000ig supports that the maximum number of configuring communication connections is 32 (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  4. Curve object add 8 types of line configuration (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  5. Ethernet communication supports the selection and settings of network card type (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  6. Customized name configuration is added for communication port configuration, which can be used in address editing interface and address list interface (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  7. Improve compilation speed;

  8. Function switch right-click selection to jump to the target screen;

  9. Right-click the object and select jump to image gallery configuration;

  10. String table configuration;

  11. External keyboard shortcut configuration (Only ig series and MD series support);

  12. Visual configuration of MQTT docking third-party platform (Only ig series and MD series support);

  13. 8070ig and 8102ig support video player controls.

HMI applications

  1. Countdown prompt to enter background (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  2. Background LAN security monitoring configuration (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  3. Background USB flash disk upgrade mirror limit fallback version (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  4. 8000ig double network port configuration (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  5. Support to modify Ethernet static IP configuration through special registers (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  6. User management supports multi languages (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  7. 8000ig supports video play (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  8. Text color dynamic configuration of numerical value and text input object (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  9. Dynamic screensaver (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  10. Lua SMS sending (only supported by HM I V2.0 system);
  11. Lua obtains SIM card information (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  12. Camera configuration (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  13. Support PI8000/PI9000 series update system without deleting project (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  14. Backstage supports multi languages switch and language customization (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  15. When switching languages, clean up the screen cache (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  16. Register HSW1890 triggers to refresh network signal (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  17. Register HSW1891 controls the cleaning of the screen cache (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  18. Background stimulates the terminal (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  19. Dynamic text (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  20. External keyboard shortcut (Only ig series and MD series support);

  21. HMIdevice name (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  22. Background supports cloud server switching (Only general 8000 series with V2.0 system, ig series and MD series supports);

  23. Support remote screen adaptation display of vertical screen project (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  24. Common lua script function of verification algorithms (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);

  25. INSeries (IN1071, IN1072, IN1073) does not distinguish models and supports mutual projects regardless of models;

Driver protocol

  1. WECON LX6V EtherNet / IP (Tag protocol optimized version) (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  2. Rockwell EtherNet / IP (Tag protocol optimized version) (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  3. OMRON EtherNet/IP (NX/NJ Series) (Tag protocol optimized version) (Only HMI V2.0 system supports);
  4. MODBUS RTU Slave (All Fuction OneBaseAddress) can customize broadcast address;
  5. SMS module can delete all information;
  6. INOVANCE H5U_Easy PLC driver protocol (Serial port);
  7. INOVANCE H5U_Easy free tag protocol drive;
  8. Xinjie XD/XE drive;
  9. Veichi V3 drive;
  10. Shihlin SX6V EtherNet/IP Protocol;
  11. CODESYS V3 drive;
  12. Modbus_Server_IoT_Plat drive;
  13. MIT Q00H CPU Port PROTOCOL drive;

  14. Schneider TM221 drive;

  15. Delta_DVP_ModbusRTU drive;

  16. INOVANCE H5U_Easy ModbusTCP drive;

  17. Siemens S7-xxx Ethernet OP new drive;

  18. MODBUS RTU Slave (All Function) protocol retry timeout time factor multiple ToMu;

  19. Schneider TM221 drive;

✎Note: The maximum communication number of free tag protocol and CODESYS V3 configuration in models of each series is shown in the following table.

Series modelRecommended maximum number of free tag protocolsRecommended maximum number of CODESYS V3 protocols
8000 Series4Configuration is not supported.
3000 SeriesConfiguration is not supported.Configuration is not supported.
9000 SeriesConfiguration is not supported.Configuration is not supported.
3000i SeriesConfiguration is not supported.Configuration is not supported.
ie Series (3043ies with network port)2Configuration is not supported.
ie Series (Other models)Configuration is not supported.Configuration is not supported.
3000ig Series42
8000ig Series62
MD3000 Series4Configuration is not supported.
IN SeriesConfiguration is not supported.Configuration is not supported.

New models

(1). ie Series: 3070ie-H;

(2). IN Series: IN1071, IN1072, IN1073;

(3). MD Series: MD3102;

(4). ig Series: 3070ig-H, 3043ig, 8070ig, 8102ig, 8043ig;


Bugs fixed

PC Software

  1. Optimize the function of saving project as;
  2. The word alarm configuration cannot be imported after being exported;
  3. The problem of abnormal resolution after png image editing and external import; 
  4. The password of project designer can be input into Chinese;
  5. The 8150ig model cannot be configured with camera search function;
  6. The probability of recipe setting cannot be saved;
  7. When simulating the "WECON" directory of C disk is adjusted to "HMIEmulation" directory;
  8. The problem that the position of text parts does not change after setting coordinates;
  9. The interface displays an redundant scroll bar when creating a new screen;
  10. The download tool only scans one of the network segments when there are multiple ip under the computer network card;
  11. The content of data records is abnormal and cannot be imported after being exported;
  12. The welcome interface opens the project and incorrectly prompts the project to be occupied;
  13. The installation path affects clicking offline simulation to pop up online simulation;
  14. The font size of the newly built-in screen 5004 is abnormal when switching to the size of 1920*1080;
  15. When the data record is stored in U disk and SD card, the size of the data record is not limited during compilation;
  16. The name of the newly created part in the right-click menu bar is consistent with the name in the part list;
  17. The problem that when compiling ie series projects, the memory size of the components of the picture exceeds the problem that no error is reported;
  18. When the U disk upgrade tool selects an invalid drive letter to generate a file, it does not normally prompt errors;
  19. The prompting wrong parameters when opening engineering parameters in the project of repairing vertical screen;

HMI Application

  1. Keyboard without "&" the question of symbols;
  2. The  camera function on HMI V2.0 system will report error messages;
  3. The camera picture is still displayed after switching pictures on HMI V2.0 system;
  4. The project of Chinese character designer password cannot be simulated;
  5. The screenshots of printed parts are invalid when saved to SD card;
  6. The project downloaded by Ethernet cannot be uploaded normally;
  7. The debugging window moves the left and right scroll bars, and the upper and lower scroll bars will jump to the bottom;
  8. The manual APN of 4G setting cannot be saved;
  9. The system is upgraded to V2.0, the horizontal and vertical screens are abnormal;
  10. PI3043ie can't communicate with plc after upgrading;
  11. HMI2.0 background dynamic and static switch does not cache static IP;
  12. PI3070ig ftpserver can't access the service;
  13. V-BOX can't download PI3070N through download;
  14. The starting time will automatically change after the data record query setting interface pops up;
  15. The flow component displaying deviation in web pages;
  16. The alarm record header of switching language is not switched;
  17. The current alarm record will show the problem of historical alarm record;
  18. The camera uses power failure to save the address, and the camera state is not initialized after power failure and restart;
  19. The camera directly enters the account number, password and device serial number without enabling the search module;
  20. PI audio plays with sound and the volume is displayed as 0;
  21. When the hot spot name of the connection has single quotation marks, the network cannot recognize the problem;
  22. Add background U Disk upgrade updates the network configuration function (downloads the Ethernet parameters in the project parameters synchronously to the HMI
  23. The ig series can't use ezviz cloud function when using 4G Internet of Things card to surf the Internet;
  24. The screen saver cannot be exited on HMI V2.0 system;
  25. The communication is disconnected and cannot be reconnected after ig series VPN penetrates;
  26. Optimize the polling speed of VB trigger script;

Drive the updated

  1. The abnormal communication caused by recipe reading;

Driver Protocol

  1. Add Omron (NX/NJ) free tag driver;

New functions

PC Software

  1. The picture compression function in the project parameters;
  2. Compatible switching models of PI8150ig (1920*1080 and 1280*720).
  3. The template picture with resolution of 1920*1080 of ig.
  4. ig series does not check the size limit of data record files.

HMI Application

  1. The rotation function of switch components (only supported by HMI V2.0 system);
  2. Automatic rotation of rotation bitmap control and address control hiding function (only supported by HMI V2.0 system);
  3. Ftp service function (only supported by HMI V2.0 system);
  4. Ezviz cloud camera function (only supported by HMI V2.0 system);
  5. Lua curve custom component sliding bar function and draw 8 curves (only supported by HMI V2.0 system);
  6. Background language boot configuration (only supported by HMI V2.0 system);
  7. The function of modifying the header of data records (only supported by HMI V2.0 system);
  8. Historical trend style 6 and style 7 (only supported by HMI V2.0 system);
  9. PI8150ig (1920*1080rn) resolution;


Bugs fixed

PC Software

  1. Cloud.xml does not exist in the project file of 8000 series and cannot access cloud;
  2. Lua prompting error when double click the project path of General series in Screen Management;
  3. The cursor moving into the area of background script will be disappeared;
  4. After the Lua script is changed, it is not compiled, and there is no prompt when clicking offline simulation;
  5. DLView fails to import excel files;
  6. There is an abnormality when creating image files into Udisk;
  7. Orientation options missing for Slide switch;
  8. COM3 Configuration missing for following models: 3070i-A and 3102i-A;
  9. When the download tool downloads the project, it does not prompt when the file does not exist;
  10. SD Card option missing for following models: 3070i-A, 3102i-A, 3070i-C, 3102i-C;
  11. Some of the same font size, font style is different when the font size is displayed abnormally;
  12. Optimize the built-in screen No.1008, add Time and Date objects;
  13. Optimize the remote download;
  14. Optimize the U disk upgrade function;
  15. Prompt when the downloads a file with a long path;
  16. The ig series vertical screen option is available now;

HMI Application

  1. The i series freezes with HSW24 soft reboot;
  2. Debugging window cannot be closed on the ig monitoring page;
  3. Abnormal record time of ig Data record;
  4. The ig series abnormal ethernet communication;
  5. The register for network status HSW850 abnormal value;
  6. Lua we_bas_getstring script function execution error;
  7. The video title with English brackets cannot be played;
  8. Touch screen will lead to HMI freezes when keyboard input and cursor is enabled;
  9. Logo failed download for PI8150ig (before the firmware version 0313);
  10. After PI8000 series remote download PLC program, PLC cannot communicate;
  11. PI8000 series and ig series online V-NET but cannot remote control;
  12. Background Ethernet static IP configuration is not saved;
  13. The ig series WVPN remote pass through fails;
  14. Lua timer does not perform timing operations according to the interval;

Driver Protocol

  1. PI8000ig and Yudian sensor cannot communicate;
  2. Modify the name of the Wecon LX6V protocol, the old version project must be re-selected;
  3. The following serial port protocols have intermittent communication timeout issue: Siemens S7-200 smart, modbus, INVT, etc.
  4. Taian AP200 C register can not read the value

New functions

PC Software

  1. VB script customize naming function;
  2. PI Suite toolkit;
  3. System upgrade function;
  4. PIRecordUpload has added User permission function;
  5. Cloud function of 8000 and 9000 series;

HMI Application

The following function is only available for ig series:

  1. Slider of History trend chart can set the color and transparency;
  2. Continuous read and write addresses in Lua script;
  3. Built-in Lua extension module;
  4. Display network camera on HMI screen for 8150ig;
  5. Vertical Display;
  6. The priority settings of Cloud connection method from backstage configuration;
  7. Lua script supports https protocol now;
  8. UDisk Download project prohibit upload function;
  9. Lua script luasqlite operation;
  10. The following function is only available for i,ie,ig series and HMI+ system:
  11. All series remove the restriction of special machine code;
  12. Recipe 64-bit floating point number data format;
  13. UDisk Pop-Up function;
  14. Interconversion between GB2312 and UTF-8 encoding;
  15. UDisk download PLC multi-file function;
  16. Modifitable datetime prohibited;
  17. Color configuration of Line object;

Driver Protocol

  1. Inovance H3U Ethernet;
  2. Rockwell micro850 Ethernet/IP Free Tags;
  3. Wecon LX6V Free Tags;

New models

  1. The i series: 3070i-A, 3102i-A, 3070i-C, 3102i-C, 3070i-2S, 3102i-2S
  2. The ie series: 3043ie-T
  3. The ig series: 8150ig


  • To use the new functions avaiable from new version, the project needs to be downloaded twice;
  • After the wifi module (version V1.1) of 3070ig is soft restarted, if the wifi is not recognized from background interface, please repower to recover it;


Bugs fixed

PC Software

  • Optimize the display style of text objects;
  • Optimize Lua script file size limitation to 512KB;
  • Optimize the import of text library and the limitation to 2000;
  • Protocol driver names standardized;
  • Font size is open to 512;
  • Lua script debugging window can be configured as enabled or not in Project Settings;
  • Optimize the font display of Runbar;
  • Optimized the forced backup function of project file, now you can click the cancel button to not backup;
  • Optimized and adjusted the default size of the password keyboard screen of newly-created projects;
  • Wrong display range of the History trend chart;
  • The font display of Drop-down List on PC is different from the actual screen;
  • Software crash caused by deleting the Address Library name;
  • General Series SMS protocol cannot be selected;

HMI Application

  • Multi-Language display of text fonts;
  • Password keyboard input to display the plain text first and then the * sign;
  • Prompt display of Screen Lock for ie and ig;
  • Auto refresh of Data Record;

Driver Protocol

  • Communication cannot be performed after entering the backstage project;
  • Stuck screen problem caused by the protocol IEC60870-104 Client;

New functions

PC Software

  • New ie series model: 3035ie;
  • New ig series models: 3070ig, 3102ig;
  • License agreement for the software installation setup process;
  • Object Lock/Unlock function (Pushpin);
  • Lua Editor to highlight the same content of the selected text;
  • Font style settings of the Runbar and chart type objects;
  • Software installation package VC 2017 runtime library;

HMI Application

  • Recipe address discontinuous address setting;
  • Trim 0 display setting for numeric input;
  • Address Mapping continuous writing settings;
  • Screensaver function;
  • Multi-Link function (not supported by ie and ig series);
  • Traditional recipe function is only applicable to the LEVI2PI project that uses the Recipe function;
  • Disc Record Chart;
  • Lua script weather forecast function interfaces;
  • The ie series supports the barcode scanner;

Driver Protocol

  • Koyo Modbus RTU;
  • ASK series;
  • Anda inverter;
  • Optimize the barcode scanner protocol;


Bugs fixed

PC Software

  • Fix the crash problem of the software;
  • Renew the wiring diagram and pin definition diagram;
  • After the address is annotated, still able to communicate in Lua script;
  • Ethernet download optimization;
  • The project folder contains special language characters(except Chinese and English), errors in compiling Lua file and project, failed to download the project;
  • Use some fonts will cause software crash when compiling the project;

HMI Application

  • Occasionally occur stuck logo problem after enable the Index of Recipe function;
  • B) Frequently screen switching might have a little chance cause stuck problem if there exist many table objects on the screen;
  • There is a little chance cause the stuck problem if use the script;
  • The stuck problem if use User permission;
  • The stuck problem when Data record upload;
  • There is a little chance to jump to the test interface after restart;
  • After the backlight is off, there is a small chance that the screen will display abnormal;
  • Video play cause stuck problem of General series 9150;
  • When the HMI just turned on, Recipe Display on the main screen is displayed as NULL;
  • Optimize Lua built-in library and file read/write functions;
  • The label of the operation value in the Operation record is displayed abnormal;
  • The length of channel name for Data record exceeds 32 bytes, will cause failed recording;
  • After entering the installment password, restart immediately, would require entering the password again;

Driver Protocol

  • Frequently screen switching and there are many external addresses on the screen, which might have a little chance cause a stuck problem;  
  • Ethernet free tags may cause touch problem with no response;
  • Ethernet free tags occur error in compiling the project;
  • The input/output terminals of communication with MIKOM PLC are abnormal;
  • The reading information from scanner will not display if it exceeds 128 characters;
  • Failed to communicate with the OMRON NX/NJ PLC communication after power-on the screen and then power on the PLC.
  • When HMI+ is just turned on, the Ethernet communication prompts timeout;
  • When communicate with Siemens new protocol, will let the HMI stuck on LOGO screen;

New functions

PC Software

  • New ie series: 3043ie, 3043ieS, 3070ie, 3102ie;
  • Industry purpose-designated models: ie series 3070ind, 3102ind, I series 3070ind-n;
  • Import and export function for Gallery file ( .blb or .plb format);

HMI Application

  • VNC LAN monitoring function ( require i series and PI+ models with Ethernet port and customized, the -O model in General series still use HMI Monitor System)
  • Resource report function to count the total memory used by the current screen;
  • Message prompt list (timeout , message , only available for ie series);
  • Timer and Trigger function in Lua script (only available for ie series);
  • Lua custom object, Lua table drawing, Lua curve drawing (only available for ie series);
  • Continuous input function of numeric and character object;
  • 4 Macro script functions involving file operations, FileCmpDir(), MyDeleteFile(), WriteWordToFile(), ReadWordFormFile();
  • The backstage interface can upgrade PLC program to support 5VPLC program download (only available for 3000i and PI+ series);

Driver Protocol

  • Keyence KV series;

Notification of PI+

2 Levi2PI


3 HMI Monitor System

VER: 20210317

4 Logo Making Tool