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WECON V-NET Basic Function: 1 Software Download&Install
  • How to get Wecon V-NET software
WECON V-NET Basic Function: 2 Account Registration&V-Box Binding
  • How to register a V-NET account,How to bind the V-BOX
WECON V-NET Basic Function: 3 Real time Data&Historical Data
  • add real-time points,add historical points,record trigger type
WECON V-NET Basic Function: 4 Alarm Function
  • How to add alarm monitoring point,alarm type
WECON V-NET Basic Function: 5 Lua Script Function
  • How to use Lua Script function?
WECON V-NET Basic Function: 7 Pass-through
  • Introduction of serial passthrough, VPN passthrough
WECON Virtual Deployment: 1 Virtual Deployment Introduce
  • Introduction to Virtual Deployment
WECON Virtual Deployment: 2 Application Process & Platform Configuration
  • How to apply for virtual deployment? Platform Configuration
WECON Virtual Deployment: 3 Introduce of Super Mannagement Account
  • Super Mannagement Account

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