What is the difference between vbox register time and server time?

Last modified by nozzin on 2023/09/11 11:57

1. Register time: vbox's built-in real-time clock. It can be viewed in the registers information and changed with V-NET Access software:

1634712959610-810.png           1634712875434-704.png

The alarm recording time is determined by the register time:


2. Server time: it needs to be set according to the time zone:


The historical data time is determined by the server time. Here the end date is 16:11:10(UTC+8:00), but the data time is 15:11:08(UTC+7:00):


3.The horizontal axis time of the Real-time Trend Chart in the Cloud SCADA is determined by the computer or mobile phone time(nothing to do with the above two types of time):

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