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All articles and materials contained in this section are only applicable to LX5S / LX5V series PLC products
Please go to PLC Editor if you are referrring to LX3V / LX3VP / LX3VE / LX3VM series PLC products.


Provides users with online viewing of LX5V Programming Manual combining with cases and Wecon PLC Editor2 Software Help.


Provides users with manual, hardware, and software downloads.


Provides users with demonstrations about instructions, communications, protocols, etc.


A frequently asked questions (FAQ) list is often used in articles, websites, email lists, and online forums where common questions tend to recur. More FAQs


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WECON 5V Training Video: 5V/5S PLC Software Download & Installation
  • How to downlaod 5V PLC software?
WECON 5V Training Video: PLC-Link Function | Wecon LX5V/5S
  • How to use PLC-Link Function?
WECON 5V Training Video: Software Interface Introduction
  • The overall layout of the software interface
WECON 5V Training Video: Program Build&Download&Upload
  • How to create a new project?
WECON 5V Training Video: Device Search&Replace Function
  • How to search and replace a specific device/instruction?
WECON 5V Training Video: Project Manager and Instruction List
  • Components of Project Manager