03 Software

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PLC Editor22.1.232(Beta)Link

Software Update:

  • Add the following instruction: 
          Clock operation: TON, TONR, TOF, TP
          Data processing: STDEV, DSTDEV
          Other instructions: CRC_XMODEM, LRC
          Floating-point operations: CHKFLT, DEMOD
          Convenience instructions: MOVAVG, FOLAG, RCD
  • Modify PWM command description
PLC Editor22.1.203Link

Software Update:

  • Add monitor edit function
  • Add ethernet communication function(Model with -N)
  • Add IP search function(Model with -N)
  • Add PLCLINK function (Optimize and upgrade the previous 3V N:N protocol)
  • Add batch search and replace function of soft components
  • Add 3V software interface in 5V software
  • Support COM1 user define protocol
  • Add DSZR/BCC/MAX/MIN instruction.
  • New 5V PLC firmware: V2.013 Update:
  • Add multiple origin regression instruction functions of DSZR;
  • Support COM1 user define protocol;
  • Add PLCLINK function;
  • Add acceleration and deceleration (trapezoidal and S-shaped) time division function;
  • Add spiral interpolation instruction;
  • Add the hardware configuration table function.
  • Add BCC/MAX/MIN instruction;
  • Add the function of direction delay of interpolation instruction;
  • Add monitor edit function.

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