19 Demos

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1. Protocol

1. Modbus TCP communicationSetting of PLC as server/clientDownload
2. Modbus RTU communicationSetting of PLC as master/slaveDownload
3. User-defined protocol communicationUser-defined protocol communication between 2 LX5V series PLCsDownload
4. Inverter Modbus communicationModbus RTU communication between VB inverter and LX5VDownload
5. VD2 Modbus communicationModbus RTU communication between VD2 servo and LX5VDownload
6. Free TCP communicationUser defined ethernet communicationDownload
7. VD2 Modbus internal position controlModbus RTU communication between VD2 servo and LX5VDownload
8. VD2 Modbus internal speed controlModbus RTU communication between VD2 servo and LX5VDownload
9. VD2 Modbus internal torque controlModbus RTU communication between VD2 servo and LX5VDownload
10. PLCLINKPLCLINK protocol communication between 2 LX5V series PLCsDownload

2. Instruction

1. Indirect addressingProgramming for indirect addressingDownload
2. Clock calculationRead, write and compare operations of PLC clockDownload
3. High-speed pulse outputSimple example of high-speed pulse output instructionDownload
4. Step instructionExample of step instructionDownload
5. Exponential calculationExponential operation through instruction conversionDownload
6. Origin Return Return to the origin at two speedsDownload
7. Electronic GearSet the speed ratio of the master and slave axesDownload
8. Linear InterpolationLinear motion controlDownload
9. Planar Circular InterpolationCircular motion controlDownload
10. Encoding and Decoding InstructionsEncode and decode dataDownload

3. Application

1. Modbus pollingPolling operation of a single serial portDownload
2. Flow LedLights a certain number of lights in sequenceDownload
3. Traffic lightCrossroad traffic light caseDownload
4. Limit alarmStop output when the limit is reachedDownload
5. PID controlPID control heating temperatureDownload
6. Data collection and recordingPeriodically collect data and record it in the specified registerDownload
7. Flying SawECAM flying sawDownload
8. Rotary SawECAM rotary sawDownload
9. Helical interpolationThree-axis helical interpolation commandDownload
10. 8 servo position control8 servo forward and reverse pulse controlDownload
11. ECAM(Rotary cut splicing fly cut) Download
12. ECAM(virtual master) Download

4. BD Module

1. LX5V-ETH-BDPLC communicate with PLC/HMI by modbus TCP Download
2. LX5V-2RS485-BD2-channel Modbus RTU protocol and Custom protocolDownload
3. LX5V-2AD-BD2-channel Analog voltage/current to digital outputDownload
4. LX5V-2DA-BD2-channel Digital input to analog voltage/current outputDownload
5. LX5V-2PT-BD2-channel PT100 temperature detectionDownload
6. LX5V-2TC-BD2-channel J/K type thermocouple temperature detectionDownload
7. LX5V-8BYT-BD8-channel transistor output expansionDownload
8. LX5V-8BX-BD8-channel relay input expansionDownload